Facebook controls the most popular mobile apps with a check

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Facebook controls the most popular mobile apps with a check

If mobile is the future, Facebook is very well positioned to dominate it. Now that 9 out of 10 Internet users choose the mobile as their favorite device and that an average of 37 hours a month are invested in apps, it is clear that applications have become key to success in the online field. And among the 10 most used apps in the world during 2015 (according to data from Annie) there are Paraguay Mobile Database four owned by Facebook, although not necessarily on their own merit. The most downloaded application in the past year was WhatsApp, bought by Facebook in 2014. Then another instant messaging service would come, Facebook Messenger, which recently reached 800 million users, followed by the Facebook social network app. Top four Instagram culminates, also acquired by Facebook in 2012.

Below would be other apps, such as (in this order) Clean Master, 360 Mobile Security, Skype, YouTube, UC Browser and Snapchat.

Facebook bought WhatsApp for about $ 22 billion

The world’s most popular messaging service was developed in 2019 by two former Yahoo engineers and its growth was dizzying. At the beginning of 2014 the application already had more than 450 million users and it was a candy that both Google and Facebook were dying to try. In February 2014 it was announced that Facebook would acquire WhatsApp and the operation was closed eight months later for $ 21.8 billion. Facebook had 1.32 billion active users per month at the time, and it was – and still is – the most popular social network in the world. With the purchase of the mobile messaging service, the alarms went off: if only a hypothetical return on investment was contemplated through payments for the application or even a possible arrival of mobile advertising -which was always denied from Facebook- this Multi-million dollar acquisition made little sense. So what was Facebook really buying? Perhaps the data, as the German Privacy Regulator warned .

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Instagram was acquired before and for much less: 1 billion dollars

In 2012, the popular and visual social network was acquired by Facebook for about $ 1 billion. It was born in 2010 by the hand of two San Francisco programmers, but two years later it already had 27 million registered users and its value amounted to about 750 million dollars. Shortly after, Facebook tried to buy Snapchat, the app for sending files that are deleted shortly after being seen, very popular Brother Cell Phone List among teenagers. But even though it offered € 3 billion (a price well above Snapchat’s market valuation), it failed. With all these movements, Facebook seeks to buy young users (the user base of Instagram and Snapchat is very young, and in part also that of WhatsApp), a great area of ​​opportunity. In addition to that it became extraordinarily strong on mobile, something essential as this device gained prominence and that, in view of the results, it came out round.

With these acquisitions, Facebook managed to create a community that responds to all the communication needs of people, and with solutions for various age groups. Not to mention the convergence of data since, despite the fact that both Instagram and WhatsApp have been developed independently, it is a single company that collects all the data, which allows an increasing volume of information on each Username.

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