Optimize Your Country Music Web Site – What To Include

In my first article in this series, Optimize Your Country Music Web Site: Part 1 – Look Like a Pro, I gave examples of how to make the web site for a country music artist look professional. Once your site looks great and is easy to navigate, you need to provide the right content.Belgium Business Email Lists

The minimum information that should be included on a country music artist’s site includes:

  • Your bio – Tell us who you are and why you’re in country music. Make this more than just the press release for your current CD.
  • Current news – Tell us what you’ve been up to and update it regularly!
  • Tour information – Tell us where you’ll be performing. Please make this an easy to read page. In my personal opinion, stay away from calendars and other things like that. Just list when and where you’re going to be. If the place where you’re playing has a web site, link to that site. And PLEASE keep this up to date. If you have dates from the previous year (and really, why would you?) please make it clear which year the dates are for.
  • Music and products for sale – If you’re going to sell your wares on your site (and you should!), make this page clean and easy to understand. Also, for your music, have song clips (at the very least) so people can listen before they buy. You’d be surprised at how many music sites I’ve been to with no music on them.
  • Newsletter sign up form – Using a form, you can collect email addresses for your fans. This allows you to send out periodic notes to your fans (once a month or when something special is going on). Make sure you place this sign up form in an obvious spot on every page!
  • A way to contact you – There are two different groups you have to think about here. Fans and business partners. You probably want to handle these two groups differently, but make sure there is a way for people to get in touch with you; especially business partners. Sometimes I need more information for an artist to include them on my site, but I can’t find out how to contact them through their site. This is a lost marketing opportunity.

The above ideas are the minimum requirements for your web site. You can add other features, but the important thing to remember is to not add so many features you can’t maintain your site.

For items to avoid on your web site, see the third articles in this series, Optimize Your Country Music Web Site: Part 3 – What NOT to Include.

Your web site is your calling card online. It must be professional and easy to use. Follow the suggestions listed above and in parts one and three of this series and you’ll be well on your way to a really great web site.

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