How to Make Money With Viral Emails

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How to Make Money With Viral Emails

There used to be an old joke about the three best ways to pass along information quickly-telephone, telegraph, and tell a woman. That made the rounds a long time before the information highway opened for business! Antigua and Barbuda Email Lists The most effective way to spread the word nowadays is with a viral email. But how do we do that?

People circulate emails to broad lists of family and friends whenever they want to send updates on job changes, addresses, marriage or divorce arrangements, births, and even deaths. But our social groups are evolving into something beyond our blood or neighborhood ties. Newsweek journalist Howard Fineman, in the issue dated January 26, 2009, wrote about the idea of voluntary tribes in today’s society. He described that as our old neighborhoods change and nuclear families become a thing of the past, people are finding new ways to align themselves with others. These alignments have little to do with familial ties, race, or religion. They form because people are joined together by common ideas or causes.

These new types of groups translate into the best examples for using viral email. Think of sports fans who recently rooted for either the Pittsburgh Steelers or the Arizona Cardinals competing in Superbowl XLIII. This was, in fact, the primary example Fineman used in his article-describing “The Steeler Nation.” These fans found effective ways to communicate their enthusiasm across the entire country, and even outside US borders.

Pittsburgh Steeler fans created and sent myriad emails containing written messages, photo essays, and videos to one another. People receiving these emails forwarded them to their family and friends, and those people forwarded them and so on. How can you measure the impact of such messages? This is a fact: A 27-year-old Steeler fan named Wilson created one particular YouTube video and emailed his family and friends with a link to it. A week later, the video had been viewed over 56,000 times!

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Politics is another polarizing topic. In the months leading up to the presidential elections, emails favoring both Barack Obama and John McCain spread like wildfire to their respective supporters. Religion also motivates people to share inspirational messages with one another. Health causes unite people, and so do social issues like gay rights. But what are the most common characteristics of successful viral emails?

Viral emails are different from the spam we all love to hate. Spam comes to our email addresses sent by persons unknown to us. Viral emails come to us because we know and trust the people who sent them.

So once we open a viral email, what makes us decide whether to pass it along? First, of course, the message has to touch someone’s sociologic heart. A McCain supporter, for example, would delete an Obama message. But when polled about what compelled them to forward emails, people identified humor as the most essential component. Commercial emails were most likely to be shared if they contained coupons. Viral messages were most likely to be deleted-stopped in their tracks!-if people deemed that the content was outdated.

The idea of successful viral email marketing campaigns involves your belief in a product. Hopefully you have packaged your message in a humorous way. Then you can dispense your message to your families and friends and ask them to share it. They are likely to share it not just with their relatives but with people in their social tribes. Put a Steeler logo on it! Insert a quote from Obama! Use a beloved icon like the crusty Maxine to spout your message!

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Better yet, send your message off to your Steelers friends with a Steelers logo, but change it for others. Your cousin in San Diego will probably delete it unless you rebrand your message with a Chargers logo. Change your sales pitch so that some people get it with Obama’s smiling face, and some people see John McCain.

Keep your message funny, brand it with an icon that people know, and give it regular change-ups. If all else fails, telephone a woman and tell her to send it!

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